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Social Media Marketing – The Impact

Social Media Marketing – The Impact

Social Media Marketing – The Impact

The marketing industry has always touted the importance of identifying and engaging a brand’s most influential fans.

  • Sharing of social media campaigns generates significant earned media
  • Sharing has a large impact on page engagement
  • Brand “advocates” bring in an average of 1.3 new people each
  • Advocates can also impact fan growth

When you think about your social marketing strategy, which axiom do you prescribe for your brand’s success? A “less is more” approach recognizes quality interactions and values engagement over sheer quantity of fans. A “more is better” perspective recognizes and values the power of reach, and the importance of extending it by growing your brand’s #audience.

The Best Practices:
  • Run multiple #engagement applications at a constant rate
  • Use every available opportunity to stimulate interactions with clear calls-to-action
  • It is all about Images
  • Keep your interactions seasonally relevant
  • Mix campaign types and create new offers on a consistent basis
  • Extend your social #communities across a variety of platforms

Social media marketing can take two tracks: you can have communities of fans that are just joiners— they’ll interact with your #brand and, while that interaction is valuable, they will seldom spread the word to their networks, limiting your growth and reach. Brands that have successfully supercharged their social marketing, have been consistently activating brand advocates to pass along word-of-mouth, much of which converted new interactions. Catering your social strategy to activate more advocates is the path to supercharging your brand’s social media profile.


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